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Patient Testimonial

“I am looking forward to your delivery service. Your employees, during my visits, have been exceptional. I started my application with Ian, who made the process very easy. He was also my first bud tender, serving with the same professionalism as he demonstrated during registration. Every bud tender that has served me has been nothing but “top shelf”. They have always met my needs. Your receptionist and security personnel make the visits complete. When visiting your dispensary, starting with your receptionist, talking with the delivery gentleman in security and being served efficiently by your bud tenders has been one of the best experiences of dealing with any business of any kind, anywhere. I salute your employees, behind the scenes, who have made this process possible.
My questions: How can I print your current menu to prepare for my delivery order? Please let me know what I can do, on my end, to make the delivery process easier on everyone involved. I can fax, email, call or wait for your call concerning delivery orders. I can pay by debit card prior to delivery. I will certainly make sure that I am home on the delivery day. Phone:***-***-****, All of your employees should be very proud of what they do for their patients.” Signed – AMMD Patient