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Our History

The Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary was founded by three co-owners, each of whom contribute to a range of expertise in the fields of specialty pharmaceuticals, healthcare and business.

After Maryland lawmakers passed the law in 2013 allowing the use of medical marijuana, the state made plans to award up to two dispensaries per state senatorial district (there are 47 in Maryland). The Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary applied in October 2015 for one of two licenses available to represent Maryland Senatorial District One and was officially selected on December 9, 2016 based on the quality of their application.

Many consider medical cannabis to provide public health benefits by providing a safe alternative to prescription painkillers such as opioids, which due to their addictiveness, have had a strong hold in many communities in Maryland. Statewide, opioid-related deaths in Maryland have increased a staggering 76 percent since 2010, creating what some call an opioid epidemic. Research shows that access to medical cannabis dispensaries is associated with a significant reduction in substance abuse admissions and opiate overdose fatalities.

Safe, Friendly and Quality Service



Budtenders at AMMD are passionate about medical cannabis, exceptionally knowledgeable about our products and strive to provide the most professional customer service. They are up-to-date on Maryland laws and medical cannabis culture, and will walk you through the process of understanding, selecting and purchasing cannabis products. Our budtenders look forward to creating a relationship with all of our patients.



At Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary, our greeter will be the first step in welcoming and assisting guests upon their arrival.



At Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary, we promise a friendly face and professional customer service every time. We are always there to help assist you with any question you have and be a helping hand throughout the process.



With state-of-the-art security, we can ensure that our people and our products are protected. Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary will have a 24-hour security cameras.

Our Values



We recognize the essential value of marijuana as a viable treatment option.



We commit that as a dispensary operator, the patients we serve and the cultivators that supply us have the right to respectful and ethical treatment. Access to marijuana must be free from all forms of discrimination and barriers.


Harm Reduction

We believe marijuana is an important harm reduction tool as a substitute to decrease the use of other drugs. Due to its well-tolerated side effects, marijuana has low potential for dependency and the inability to overdose.



We will be transparent and accountable for our service provision, dispensary management, community relations and advocacy efforts.



We partner with and encourage patients to take control of their own healing.


All positions at Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary have been filled. Please check back for future openings on positions such as budtenders, security, receptionist and more.

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