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Attention: Important Scam Notice

It has come to our attention that many of our registered patients have received an unauthorized email from an unknown scammer who is trying to extort $50. The email in blue text below was received by a number of patients and was not sent by the Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary (AMMD). Under no circumstances will we sell patient information. If you have received the email below please… DO NOT RESPOND.

From: Marihuana Data <[email protected]
Date: November 28, 2017 at 2:40:06 AM EST
Subject: 50% off for your next visit to Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Thanks for choosing our information exchange program, as it promised that you receive 50% off discount coupon code: 1053BB2017
By opt-in, you have agree to let us share, sell, or otherwise disclose your personal information, collected by: Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary. This information includes, but is not limited to:

First Name: Your Name

Last Name: Your Name

Gender: male
Birthday: 1980-11-04
Marijuana Card Info: 100

Also, we sell: Purchase history, doctor information, diagnosis, marihuana preference and more. If you wish to opt-out, we charge a nominal value of $50 processing fee, payable via PayPal, to this address. Deletion requests that do not include the nominal fee will not be considered.

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