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New Products 1/10/18

Ace Of Spades Bud Flower, Dutch Treat x Amherst Sour Diesel Bud Flower, Synergy Berry Tablets 100mg, Elixir Half and Half 200mg,

New Products Available Jan.4th !

BUD FLOWER: Blueberry Skunk, Bubba OG Bud, VirginOG Bud, GDP Bud, Vitality Tinctures, Vitality Flavored Tinctures, Serenity Tinctures, Serenity Flavored Tinctures, Harmony Tinctures, Harmony Flavored Tinctures, Serenity Live Resin Sugar...

AMMD Launches New Website

Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary (AMMD) has officially launched their new website for all current and future¬†clients interested in learning more about their medical marijuana options and staying up-to-date on all of AMMD’s¬†news. The AMMD website provides...

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