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AMMD is committed to serving our clients with the highest level of professional care.

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Learn more about our medical marijuana, our products and uses, and how it can help you

How to become a patient


Information on state regulations and how to become a registered provider


Information on providing care for patient and/or child under 18 years old

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the dispensary be open for business?
Growing is anticipated to start in June, and business operations are anticipated to begin in late July or early August of 2017.

Normal hours of operation are anticipated, which will include limited evening hours to accommodate our patients: Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm.

Which products will be offered?
We will offer a large variety of medical marijuana products in order to provide the best suited options for our patients’ wide range of conditions and needs. Staff will be trained to properly educate patients on the use of their product selections in order to make safety the highest priority.
How many people will the dispensary serve?
Two licenses were awarded in the Senatorial District One, serving an estimated 120,000 people.

Questions about the dispensary or how medical marijuana can help you?


Increase in opioid overdoses since 2010

Diagnosed episodes of opioid dependence, abuse or overdose the past fiscal year

Diagnosed patients with diseases that could be treated with medical cannabis in 2015

Our Mission

Here at Allegany Medical Marijuana Dispensary (AMMD), we recognize the essential value of marijuana as a viable treatment option. Our goal is to help individuals think about marijuana in a new way–as a staple of healthy diets and healthy lives. We are committed to serving our clients, and providing our caregivers and physicians, with the highest quality of care. AMMD will be there every step of the way to educate and inform you on the best approach for your need.

Our Products

AMMD offers a variety of medical marijuana products engineered and cultivated to treat the conditions and diseases approved by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). Products include dried flowers, vapes and oils, concentrates, topicals, wax, pills and ancillary products. Talk to your physician about the product that best fits you.

Community Support

Announcing Maryland Medical Dispensary Association’s Inaugural Meeting

May 12, 2017
Maryland Medical Dispensary Association
Press Release by: Carissa Cartalemi
Details: We are happy to be a part of this organization and look forward to participating with partners in the industry.

Medical Cannabis Benefits Said Many

April 2, 2017
Cumberland Times-News
Article by: Greg Larry

Medical Cannabis Could be Available in July

March 3, 2017
Cumberland Times-News
Article by: Greg Larry

Law Enforcement/Government

Information on Schedule 1 and any other legal concerns since the passing of the law


Learn more information about media laws

Local Residents

Learn more information about the laws and how it will affect the area


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